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    Brief Introduction to Luzhou Vocational and Technical College

    作者: 日期: 2021-04-11
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    Brief Introduction to Luzhou Vocational and Technical College


    Luzhou Vocational and Technical College (LVTC), with approval of Ministry of Education and People’s Government of Sichuan Province, was established as a comprehensive and full-time vocational college for higher education. Apart from full-time higher vocational college diploma education, LVTC involves adult diploma education, Sino-foreign cooperative diploma education and social training, and is qualified to enroll foreign students and employ foreign teachers and experts.

    2.Our History

    LVTC, formerly known as South Sichuan Normal School, was founded in 1901 and was the first “new school” in Sichuan. Zhao Xi, the editor of the National History Museum of the Hanlin Academy of the Qing Dynasty and the first poet of the late Qing Dynasty, was the first president. Zhu De and Yun Daiying had worked hard here and cultivated Wu Yuzhang, Zeng Delin, Li Yinghai and other well-known alumni.

    3.Our Honor

    Construction Unit of High-quality Higher Vocational Colleges in Sichuan Province

    Demonstration Unit for Higher Vocational Colleges in Sichuan Province

    National Training Base for High Skilled Talents

    National Digital Campus Experimental Unit for Vocational Schools

    National Demonstration Vocational Colleges for Cultural Inheritance and Innovation

    NationalPilot Unit ofModern Apprenticeship

    Excellent Unit of Employment for Graduates of Regular Colleges in Sichuan Province

    LVTC was approved by Sichuan Provincial People’s Government with another title “Luzhou Technician College” and became a governing unit of the Union of Sichuan Technician Colleges.

    4.Our Resources

    Located by the Yangtze River and the Tuo River, LVTC has established 40 majors, with nearly 15,000 students, taking up an area of 1271 mu.

    LVTC has a modern library with a collection of about 730,000 paper books and 380,000 E-books. In addition, it possesses excellent on-campus practice and training bases, such as the central government supported the construction of two training bases and one state-level productive training base,the largest Nobo Kindergarten in southern Sichuan, four-star Intercontinental Hotel (IHG), BTG Hotels etc. Besides, it provides first-class learning and living environment for teachers and students including indoor gymnasium, heated swimming pool, standardized dormitories and canteens.

    5.Faculty Members

    There are 596 faculty members, including1 expert in the province's first batch of "Tianfu Ten Thousands Project". There are more than 20 top talents, such as provincial outstanding contribution experts, provincial academic and technological leaders, municipal academic and technical leaders, etc.There are 4 foreign teachers. Besides, there are 245 part-time teachers, including Jia Kang, member of the 12th CPPCC National Committee and former director of the Finance Institute of the Ministry of Finance; Zhou Xiaotian, vice president of the Chinese Poetry Society, winner of the sixth Lu Xun Literature Prize, and professor of Sichuan University; Zeng Guoping, guest speaker ofLecture Roomin CCTV and doctoral supervisor of Chongqing University.

    6.International Cooperation

    Extensive cooperation and exchanges have been going on between industries and education and international cooperation. LVTC promotes the construction of “one school, one style” and “one major, one mode”, implementing the reform of “1+1+1” (namely a major closely linked to a large state-owned enterprise or listed company, closely relying on an undergraduate university, scientific research institute or industry association). LVTC has jointly built colleges or schools with enterprises or universities, including Huawei ICT College with Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.; China Alcoholic Drinks School with China Alcoholic Drinks Association; Sichuan Liquor Research Institute with Luzhou Laojiao Group; Lanqiao College with Guoxin Lanqiao Education Technology Limited; Lang Liquor School with Sichuan Lang Liquor Group; Haoneng College with Haoneng Group; Intercontinental College of Excellence with IHG; Sichuan Sino-German Training Institute with Dresden Polytechnic University of Germany; HWK Sichuan Examination Center with HWK of Germany. Cooperating with Manchester Metropolitan University is now offering an undergraduate study abroad program in Britain. Cooperate with the South African Chinese Culture and International Education Exchange Center to enroll South African students, and carry out undergraduate study and overseas employment cooperation with the Zhiyuan Institute of Education in Singapore. Close cooperation has been established with more than 300 scientific research institutes, trade associations and well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as Germany's Daimler Mercedes-Benz, China Railway Group, Haikangwei, Zhejiang Dahua, Geely Automobile, Mitsubishi Elevator, etc. 50% graduates from LVTC are highly sought after by top enterprises in China and 10% graduates are employed by overseas enterprises.

    7.Academic Research

    LVTC has three national key majors (preschool education, marketing, mechatronics technology), and two central financial supported majors (preschool education, automobile inspection and maintenance technology), two central financial supported training bases (electronic and electrical engineering training base, construction engineering training base), one national productive training base (project cost productive training base), one national modern apprenticeship major (liquor brewing technology), seven national “1+X” pilot certificates (building information model, intelligent finance and taxation, E-commerce data analysis, web front-end, automobile application and maintenance, intelligent new energy vehicle, sensor network application development), one cultural inheritance and innovation demonstration major for national vocational colleges (art and design), 2 "double-professional teachers" master’s studios in Sichuan province (preschool education and mechatronics technology). There are 2 high-quality resource sharing courses and 3 high-quality online courses, and 15 education reform projects at the provincial level. Teachers have published more than 450 articles in national core journals (nearly 40 articles in EI and ISTP).

    In recent years, Tan Guolong, Zheng Yuqi and other teachers have completed 201 provincial-level scientific research projects, won 3 military scientific and technological progress awards and 128 patents, 3 teaching achievement awards and 22 educational and scientific research awards at the provincial level. Hu Danping, Zou Fuling and other teachers have won more than 120 prizes in teaching ability competitions, headteacher competitions and competitions in other fields at or above the provincial level, of which more than 60 teachers have won the first prize at the provincial level. Xiao Yuhan, Luo Yufeng and other students successively won more than 1100 prizes in national skill competitions such as the National Mobile Internet Application Software Development Competition and the National Big Data Technology and Application Competition, of which more than 240 students won the first prize at the provincial level. Lin Jia was the representative of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Youth League. Lin Houkun was granted as the Star of Self-improvement of Chinese College Students, and the Hardworking New Youth in Sichuan Province.

    8.Social Services

    As a national vocational skills testing center, LVTC undertakes 18 professional testing items, such as machinery and manufacturing, electronic electrician, construction and so on. Based in Luzhou and faced to Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Chongqing, LVTC has carried out further education and vocational training. It is the “National Vocational Core Competence Training and Certification Base”, “National Staff Education and Training Demonstration Center”, “National High-skilled Talents Training Base”, “Sichuan Provincial Professional and Technical Personnel Continuing Education Base”, “Organization Department of the Provincial Committee SYB Training Base for Village Cadres of College Graduates”, “The Governing Unit of the Union of Sichuan Technician Colleges”, “Sichuan Statistical Personnel Training Base”, “Organization Department of the Municipal Committee Training Base for Rural Grass-roots Cadres”. LVTC undertakes nearly 20,000 social training every year.